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How to write a GAMSAT essay

Posted by Mat on Apr 24, 2019 12:54:00 PM

So far in this series of articles we have looked at an introduction to successful GAMSAT preparation and an overview of GAMSAT Study techniques. The next few articles will focus on the individual sections themselves with this article concentrating on writing the ideal GAMSAT essay.

Section II of GAMSAT can be a challenging section for those who are unprepared. The section requires the candidate to write two complete essays in 60 minutes. Instead of the luxury of simply colouring in the circles on an MCQ sheet, Section II presents candidates with the challenge of synthesising a novel response in the shape of a formal essay. More challenging is that the candidate does not know what the topic will be, and the fact that there are two essays that need to be written.

Writing strong GAMSAT essays requires sophisticated skills in two domains: essay structure and composition, and content. The importance of these two proficiencies are emphasised officially by ACER:

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