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IMG: Five AMC website pages every IMG should visit before creating an AMC Portfolio

Posted by Kristie on May 29, 2019 10:13:23 AM


The Australian Medical Council (AMC) website can sometimes be quite confusing for many International Medical Graduates (IMGs). To assist IMGs with their AMC Portfolio creation, we have put together a list of six helpful AMC landing pages all IMGs should consider looking at before beginning their AMC Portfolio creation.

1) Self-check of eligible schools

This page is a great starting point for IMGs as it allows doctors to check if the university they studied at and undergraduate qualification/s they have attained, are recognised by the AMC as being eligible to apply for an AMC assessment.

Whilst this page is only to be used as a guide as eligibility for AMC assessment can only be confirmed upon submitting a full application to the AMC, it is a great tool to assist IMGs when deciding whether to apply for an AMC assessment.

2) Self-check to determine which pathway to take

Once you have determined if your qualification is potentially recognised by the AMC, the next page that has a great self-check resource is

This page includes the below flow chart to assist IMGs to determine whether the Standard Pathway, Competent Authority Pathway or one of the Specialist Pathways is the most suitable pathway for them to proceed with.

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 2.54.49 PM

3) Identification requirements

If you determine from the previous pages that you may be eligible for one of the listed pathways on the previous page, then look over the AMC’s own set of unique proof of identity requirements. This is an appropriate next step for doctors applying from overseas for assessment. Here you will find what photo, passport and other ID requirements you will need to meet if you proceed with an AMC assessment.

4) Fees and charges

This page lists out all of the AMC portfolio fees, as well as their examination and other fees that may be applicable to doctors during their dealings with the AMC. Important information regarding refunds is also available on this page.

5) AMC Portfolio 

The final page we recommend visiting once you feel you are ready to create your portfolio is the AMC portfolio page.

Here you will find a detailed list of “how to apply” steps, as well as information regarding cancellation fees, FAQs covering who does and does not require an AMC portfolio, and what the next steps are after you create your portfolio.

Courses and programs offered by the METC Institute

We offer a range of courses and programs for IMGs undertaking the Standard Pathway or Specialist Pathway.

Standard Pathway

The METC Institute can assist with all of your AMC exam preparation, such as the AMC CAT MCQ exam or the AMC Clinical Exam. The METC Institute can also assist you in securing your 12 month supervised practice position. Through this link, you can scroll through the range of individual preparation courses and programs, as well as view the comprehensive IMG Registrar Training Program that prepares doctors for both exams and provides a 12 month, paid supervised placement in one of our Australian partner organisations. 

Specialist Pathway

The METC Institute currently offers a Specialist Recognition Registrar Training Program that allows IMGs pursuing the General Practice Specialist Pathway a structured, formalised program to attain specialist registration in Australia as a specialist General Practitioner through Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP). This program is available for IMGs who are already experienced General Practitioners with a valid Comparability Assessment from the RACGP with ‘Substantially Comparable’ or ‘Partially Comparable’ ratings.

In addition, the METC Institute also offers the General Practice Experience Pathway Registrar Training Program which also offers a structured, formalised program, to allow international General Practitioners a training pathway to attaining specialist registration in Australia as a specialist General Practitioner through Fellowship of the RACGP.  This program provides vocational training in AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited) or QPA (Quality Practice Accreditation) accredited General Practice positions, combined with formal teaching to prepare registrars for the RACGP Fellowship Exams. Registrars completing both programs receive a competitive salary from employment in an accredited General Practice. 

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